10:37 p.m.
Amendment to previous entry...

Okay, so I have been reminded that I goofed up the info about Casey's interviews - first by my boyfriend, and then again by some jackass who looks like a trisomy baby.


Casey is interviewing for a clerkship with federally appointed district judges.

Obviously, I'm not quite as in tune with all of the neat-o things that go on in government as the rest of the world.

Also, did you people know that there are all sorts of idiot leaders of religious groups stating that the reason for Hurricane Katrina was that God was showing his wrath for all of the debauchery that takes place in New Orleans? More specifically, most of them seem fixated on the GLBT culture there.

I'm really amused by the fact that Jim Dobson, et al, are so incredibly threatened by the 1% of the population who are openly gay that they think the gays can weild so much power. Now, that's an upper hand.

That is all.

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