12:41 a.m.
My apologies and a farewell???

I seem to have abandoned my diary of late. Reasons why:

1. I actually have made a move over to the livejournal community. My address there is

2. Most of the people on my buddy list here at d-land don't update anymore. Of course, I'm not referring to Lizz, Angel, or Steve, but everyone else has packed it up. I do hope my d-land friends will still stop by, but I'll understand if you don't.

3. Long story short, my cat is in the hospital right now. This is Mister B, my cat of more than 2 years, whom I nursed to health when I brought him home. I love this cat more than most people love their children...he wouldn't eat or drink and had dropped more than a pound in the past 4 days. He had an abcess and is now receiving IV fluids. I'm terrified and sad.

4. The government has cut my student aid, and I'm in desperate need of funds. I've got to beg and plead to get some of this money back, or I may end up selling my organs online. No lie.

5. I've applied for several jobs aside from my stupid one I have now. I have to get out of it. I need more money. I had an interview, and an offer, to work at a video store, but it paid 35 cents an hour less than I make now! And it was across town. Hardly worth it.

6. I start physical therapy for my messed up neck tomorrow. Should be interesting.


7. I joined a gym, and I'm actually going regularly. Here's hoping I'll have a semblance of a figure soon.


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